Sydney Perishables Home Delivery - Be Back Soon

If you choose any of the following perishable products on your order and your address belongs to those selected suburbs, you can enjoy our Saturday home delivery service (Min $60). The other Nonperishable products will go through Australia Post Express service, which will be shipped out from Monday to Wednesday (before 1pm). If you have both types of products on your order, we will deliver them altogether by our home delivery service. 

If your delivery address does belong to the following areas, you are provided the service through our online store. Due to the current Covid-19 circumstance, we have to minimize the direct contact. Please leave a box or Esky/Cooler outside. Thanks. 

For the moment situation, Perishable Home delivery are 3 times each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (can vary depending on the situation). Your order needs to be placed the day before by 6pm. If there is an issue, we will contact you in advance. If you are living in the following suburbs or close by, please feel free to place your order. 

During the Sydney Lockdown period, we have received a high-demand request for delivery. We will try our best to fit in the demand. If you are living outside the selected suburbs, please check with us first through 'Chat with us' on our website home page. We will get back to you ASAP. Merci!