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Very exciting news for us in 2017!! We have passed the selection and WILL BE REPRESENTING AUSTRALIA at the Mondial du Saucisson 2018! (Saucisson World Cup).
The competition will be held on the 9 and 10 June 2018 in the region of Lyon, France. We had presented our traditional range of saucisson, saucisse seche, 120 days aged and released an Australian saucisson made of kangaroo meat and native pepper, and wrapped in paperbark. 
The jury includes people like Regis Marcon, 3 Michelin stars and president of the Bocuse d’Or, Herve This, some representatives of the Marche International de Rungis, the president of the Concours des Grands Vins de France, etc..

Le Réveil du Vivarais used our story as the front cover of the French newspaper for the beginning of 2018! 

“Ask a French expat what they miss most about their homeland and the inevitable answer is saucisson. Eaten with bread, cheese and a glass of wine, saucisson is a slow-aged, air-dried pork sausage that’s a staple of French food culture. Sydney-based Frenchman Jean-Marc Amar makes an artisan saucisson and writes that the sausage is as important to the French as bread, wine and cheese. ”The perfect match: some saucisson on a wood chopping board, some bread and a glass of wine. Et voila!” he says. Despite the rich choice of Italian, German, Polish and Spanish smallgoods in Australia, saucisson is surprisingly hard to find. And there’s no substitute for the real thing. […] Jean-Marc Amar supplies shops and restaurants throughout Australia and is the favourite saucisson supplier for many Melbourne restaurants, including Bistro Thierry and, of course, the local French community.”

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