The free range pork we use for our pork-related products is from Borrowdale who has won the Best Pork in Australia 2018.

We share a common business philosophy, that's how we choose and trust their product - ''We believe pork is best served as nature intended. The best quality pork comes from pigs free to roam and wallow outdoors. Borrowdale is APIQ certified free-range, ensuring the highest standards of free range animal welfare. That's why Borrowdale tastes fantastic, without any moisture infusion.''

7 Key Take-outs:

  • ┬áCertified Free Range exceeding the Australian national standard for minimum space per animal
  • High welfare checks at all point of the supply chain including free-range, sow stall free stocking density and animal health and slaughtering
  • Food safety / third party HACCP
  • Environmental protection and sustainability - information included in APIQ national standard for Free Range (
  • No moisture infusion
  • No Non- Therapeutic antibiotics
  • No added hormones